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Who Uses Business Process Mining? Is It For You?

In our experience there are three main users of Process Mining tools. But here is some good news. You no longer have to fit one of these profiles to be a ‘process miner’.

As tools become exponentially easier to use and ‘one-click’ analytics the norm – process mining is becoming increasingly mainstream.  

See if you fit the profiles below – but don’t panic if you don’t. Skip to the end of this blog. We’ll tell you how anyone can get started on a process mining journey.  

BAs, Process Analysts, Improvement Leaders

An obvious leader in the business process mining field. It is the role of the Business Process Analyst to get to the root cause of business process glitches and identify options to solve them.

Process Mining is a definitive tool for them. It lets them quickly define and analyse the current performance of business processes across a team, division or company. Our Process Visualiser with analysis snapshots is shown below:

Technical Leaders

CTOs, CIOs, architects and other technical leaders in an organisation are at the forefront of applying technology to better understand and improve business processes. Often the selection of a BPM or process mining tool falls under their mandate.

You may not have business improvement directly under your KPIs. But giving others the tools required to deliver world class Business Process understanding, absolutely is.  

Business Process Owners

This is anyone who owns, or is responsible for, part of a process or an end to end process, eg Operations Managers, Field Service managers, Call centre managers, COOs. However, we are seeing specialist roles around business improvement, customer experience and customer satisfaction – both as FTEs and consultants.

Process Mining is absolutely critical to the work they do. Otherwise they are no better than a surgeon operating without an MRI scan. Experience gives you general areas of concern but without deep and detailed insight, you will be operating blindfolded.

How Anyone Can Start Business Process Mining  

If business process mining can be a data led, automated solution, anyone within an organisation can lead the initiative.  Yes, gathering the data extracts will take the support of your IT team and business leads. But it is a replicable exercise once it has been established for the first time.  

What you do need to do is choose a tool, like Arkturus, to mine the data for you. It should give you the outputs you need to make informed, fact-based decisions. As well as identifying the issues you are facing and the potential solutions you can apply.

Starter Packs Make it Easy

This no longer takes months of work. You don’t need custom analytics and teams of developers and data scientists. All you need is a little planning, a good process and software tools to do the heavy lifting for you, and helpful people like the team at Arkturus.

If you can’t wait to get started, take a look at Arkturus Starter Packs. They provide a cost-effective, simple to implement, start to your Process Mining journey.