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For the first time, you can see what's happening inside your business operations - visually and interactively.

Like an XRay shows you inside your body so you can get the best diagnosis, Business XRay helps you manage your business better by showing you exactly how it is performing.

XRay your business with Arkturus.

What is a Business XRay? How does it work? Why is it different?

And what are its benefits?

Business XRay makes accessible to SMEs what has previously only been available to large enterprises.

Based on new technology called Process Mining, it integrates data from the different systems you use, into a special model that understands your flow of work.

For the first time, you can actually see inside your business operations and see this flow happening. The result is better visibility, knowledge and ultimately better decisions.

Look at it like this: if you are unwell, a racing pulse or high blood pressure are symptoms that indicate a problem in your body. A doctor needs an XRay (or similar test) to look into your body to see the cause, so they can better treat you.

In the same way, KPIs and dashboards may show symptoms of an underlying problem in your business. With Business XRay, you can look inside your operations to find the cause, and make better management decisions.

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Arkturus Business XRay

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Auckland District Health Board
Our Solutions

Arkturus brings our unique technology to Healthcare, Medium and Large Enterprises

We have applied our unique Business XRay technology to specific areas, resulting in solutions that bring major benefits to Healthcare organisations, large Enterprises, and the Small to Medium business sector.

Business XRay for SMEs

Business XRay - for SMEs

Do you want to see an XRay of your operations to:

- Standardise processes across your locations
- Increase efficiency and reduce cost
- Get better visibility across and into your branches
- Provide managers with better management tools

Solutions for Sales Leaders, Multi-Branch businesses, Cost Reduction

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Do you want to see inside your clinic, lab or hospital operations to:

- Better understand the patient flow, or flow of work
- Reduce inefficiencies, utilise capacity optimally
- Manage demand and resources better
- Provide better patient and clinical staff care

Solutions for Pathology, Radiology, Patient Flow, Primary Care

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Arkturus for Healthcare
Arkturus for Enterprise


Do you want to get a holistic view of your business processes to:

- Discover a completely accurate "as-is" state
- Accelerate and lower the cost of improvement
- Accurately measure the impact of initiatives
- Lower the risk of large system implementations

Solutions for BPI, System Implementation, Compliance

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Why Arkturus?

An XRay view for better management of your business

Embrace a new way to manage your business - with the ability to see inside your operations like an XRay, you can better understand your business and how to improve it.

Knowledge is power

With Business XRay, you will gain a true and detailed understanding of your operations, and how differences in customers, segments, products, branches, employees, seasons and even time of day, affect your business.

Better decisions

You still get KPIs and Management Dashboards, so you can "keep your finger on the pulse". But you also get Business XRay, to see deep inside your operations when you need to, resulting in better decisions for your customers, and your business.

More efficiency, and reduce costs

With Business XRay you can easily see variations, bottlenecks, rework, and other forms of inefficiency as they actually happen.  Implement changes, and make sure they result in improvements by easily measuring their impacts with Arkturus.

Serve your customers better

With this detailed view of your business operations, you can easily see problem areas that affect your customer’s experience, and identify ways to improve your operations so that you provide better customer service.

Case Studies

Join the great companies using Arkturus

“I’ve used lots of different CRMs over the years, and different dashboard tools, but nothing comes close to showing what Arkturus shows.  None are as easy to use or go as deep as Arkturus - I don’t want a technical tool, but I want to be able to interrogate the data myself.”


more accurate forecasting
Jack Bright
Sales Director
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“Arkturus shows us exactly how each of our branches are operating, and how far away they are from our model processes. It will give our branches real and effective tools to measure and monitor their progress. We estimate achieving our standardisation goals two or three times faster – no other tool can do this for us.”


Faster standardisation and optimisation for branch managers
James Wells
CIO & Innovation Director
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“Arkturus gave us clear visibility of our customer onboarding process that showed us what was actually happening. Using Arkturus, we discovered bottlenecks and rework we didn’t even know existed. As a result, we’re onboarding over 10% faster than we were. ”


Customer onboarding
over 10% faster
Jody Garrett
Senior Manager - Continuous Improvement
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“Arkturus quickly produced an interactive model of our Lab testing processes that identified opportunities to save in excess of $1M per year by minimising unnecessary repeat tests. Cost savings like this are crucial in hospitals where savings can be reinvested in resources and development opportunities.”


Identified $1 million plus in budget savings
Dan Hunt
GM Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
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“Arkturus analysed our complex data sources and created a Single Patient View model extremely quickly. They helped us visualise who our patients are and how they access our services, and see insights that we found very valuable, enabling us to improve our services to deliver better care to our patients.”


patient visits per day
Samir Ranchhod
Chief Technology Officer

“With the capability to dive deeper into our laboratory work process with Arkturus, we were able to analyse and drill down into our daily operations and identify improvement opportunities. The ability to easily and quickly visualise the impact of the changes we made to our workflow has allowed us to work in an agile manner, and support our drive for continuous improvement.  The team at Arkturus produced fast results and adapted the dashboards to fit our needs. They provided in-depth insights and fresh perspective to our work processes and are a pleasure to work with.”


Amy Tam
Service Improvement and Project Management Lead
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