Adding a new dimension in understanding - for modern healthcare and global business

Arkturus brings our unique technology, as well as our experience and expertise, to the Healthcare and Business arenas, to help companies understand their data more deeply - resulting in streamlined processes, enhanced efficiency, improved margins and lower cost, and better patient and customer experiences.

We have a broad range of customers in public and private healthcare, and business throughout the world

Auckland District Health Board
Form1 Group

Happy Clients, Real Results

Projected uplift in margin

“HealthPulse provides complete transparency over our key value chain activities. We are now able to break down these activities into specific and measurable processes based on patient and referrer touchpoints within our business. This allows us to optimise their experiences and expectations, which in return achieves referrer satisfaction, resulting in enhanced operational and growth opportunities.”

Niru Sanmuhanthan, General Manager
South West Radiology
faster job
turnaround time

“In 12 months, the insights provided by Business XRay has seen our job turnaround time reduce from 14 days to 5 days. We now have access to data that was previously hidden to us, which has allowed us to design performance metrics that truly drive performance.
Business XRay has opened up our workflow like never before, allowing us to see the volume of jobs across different parts of our workflow and redirect resources to address bottlenecks.”

Mia Graham, General Manager
M2 Electrical
Customer onboarding
over 10% faster

“Implementation was second to none – the Business XRay team were insightful, helpful and understood exactly what we wanted to achieve. Not only that, but they brought expertise from previous implementations that helped significantly elevate our business, and change the trajectory for the better.”

Wade Dingle, Managing Director
Bison Electrical