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South West Radiology

Optimising operational efficiency and capitalising on organic growth opportunities via improving referrer experience.

20% Uplift in margin

12% Reduction in operational expenses


Maximising growth opportunity while simultaneously improving business efficiency by exceeding referrer expectations was critical for South West Radiology.

South West Radiology (‘SWR’), an independent network of six clinics offering comprehensive services including but not limited to X-ray, CT, MRI, Mammography, Dental Imaging and Ultrasound, faced a critical challenge. The clinics aspire to grow their referral base which competes with their commitment to operate more efficiently. The management team lacked the level of operational details necessary to make informed decisions, hindering their ability to align deliverables to maximise organisational value.


HealthPulse, a comprehensive business intelligence and process mining tool tailored to Radiology, consolidates data from the RIS, PACS and other systems to create a unified view of operations within each clinic and across the business.


HealthPulse gives critical insights that have resulted in a deeper understanding of SWR’s operations, revealing key opportunities to increase value across all clinics.

SWR’s operations, revealing key opportunities to increase value across all clinics.Within a week, SWR identified opportunities to generate greater value including projections of 20% uplift in margin, and 12% decrease in operational expenses. SWR has benefited from unparalleled transparency of their patients’ and referrers’ journeys through the business. They can comprehensively understand the root causes of lost productivity, resource constraints, and inefficiencies - from patient booking until the results are delivered to the referrer. They have also gained the ability to compare process performance across clinics to identify and replicate best practices. What s more, they now have a deeper insight into their referral networks identifying referral behaviours and trends of key referral groups and how SWR could exceed referrer expectations.

  • Comparative analysis: HealthPulse enables SWR to compare performance across all six clinics, recognising and implementing best practices.
  • KPI setting: We facilitated the establishment of KPIs for different roles, enabling precise monitoring and improvement strategies to be implemented and aligned through the organisation.
  • Value improvements: HealthPulse helped identify lost revenue opportunities and implement processes to minimise waste, improving operational efficiency.
  • Referral behaviour analysis: By understanding referral patterns and trends, SWR gained insights into referral behaviours, solving pain points for their referrers.
  • Referral management enhancement: HealthPulse provides valuable data on referral volume, service delivery metrics, and identifying choke points such as report amendments, enhancing overall relationship management processes.
"HealthPulse provides complete transparency over our key value chain activities. We are now able to break down these activities into specific and measurable processes based on patient and referrer touchpoints within our business. This allows us to optimise their experiences and expectations, which in return achieves referrer satisfaction, resulting in enhanced operational and growth opportunities."
Niru Sanmuhanathan, General Manager South West Radiology