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Good Constructions

Good Construction's journey to highly customised reporting, across their SIMPRO data.


Transitioning from longer custom home construction to shorter retirement living projects posed unique challenges for Good Construction's technology and reporting needs. Despite adopting SIMPRO for job management, they had specific needs that SIMPRO's reporting and business intelligence tools couldn't deliver.

Established in 1995 by Jolyon and Jayne Good, Good Construction has been a leading provider of high-end custom homes and commercial projects for over 25 years. With a focus on creating homes ideally suited to their clients' needs, Good Construction has expanded its expertise and now specialises in retirement living developments throughout Victoria and the NSW Mid North Coast.

Good Construction didn’t have time to waste, as a volume builder with 12-week projects with new technology and a lot on the line, the team needed quick access to accurate reporting on specific data fields, allowing for benchmarks and targets on each graph.


Arkturus Business XRay (BXR) emerged as the ideal solution to address Good Construction's reporting challenges. BXR provided Good Construction instant access to comprehensive data insights through customisable dashboards and enhanced data visualisation capabilities.

Good Construction now has a reporting environment tailored to their specific needs. They can confidently access instant reports at any time, knowing that they are up to date and don't contain any gaps in data; something you can't achieve that with a manual process.


BXR met Good Construction's unique requirements, giving them access to automated reporting with custom data fields from SIMPRO, as well as seamless visualising of benchmark data they needed across their production and business metrics.

  • Enhanced Reporting Capabilities: BXR provided Good Construction with customisable dashboards and visualisations tailored to their unique reporting needs, enabling them to access accurate real-time data insights easily.
  • Customised and Self-Customisable Reports: Arkturus provided a tool with visual dashboards customised to Good Constructions unique way of using simPRO.  What s more, with just an hours training during Go-Live, staff can customise their dashes themselves to keep things up-to-date.
  • Future Growth: With BXR integrated into their business processes, Good Construction is well-positioned for future growth and expansion. The platform forms the basis of their weekly scorecard and facilitates predictive analysis to guide strategic decision-making.
"We are thrilled with BXR's positive impact on our business. Arkturus has exceeded our expectations with their personalised approach and customisable reporting. They have truly listened to our needs and delivered a tool that provides the insights we need to make good decisions, quickly. What's more, Business XRay is a very affordable solution."
Craig Law, Business System Manager