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Optum Plumbing and Heating

Making reporting effortless - Business XRay transforms Optum's operational visibility.


Dedicated to quality service, Optum faced challenges with time consuming reporting processes and monitoring of individual staff performance. With key gaps in the standard reports, and significant challenges with the available BI-tool, answers to these questions were a manual and costly process.

Optum, led by founding director Kevin Henderson for 28 years, is a locally owned and operated plumbing and heating company across Wanaka and Queenstown, New Zealand. Their commitment to service excellence required very specific reports, and detailed insights into individual technician performance. SIMPRO, Optum's job management software, couldn't get them what they needed, creating admin backlog, in turn hindering efficient decision-making and operational visibility


Arkturus Business XRay (BXR) emerged as the solution to Optum's reporting and operational frustrations. By automating manual reporting tasks and providing detailed insights into technician activity and profit margins, BXR saved Optum significant time and hassle, and created on-going opportunity to make quick decisions with confidence.

“The team at Arkturus managed to get BXR to show us everything we couldn’t access previously, and more.” This helped the Optum team deliver tailored information to their specific needs, enabling informed and speedy decision-making based on accurate data. More importantly, Optum got quick access to real visibility across their whole business, something they never had before.


“Arkturus’ attentive approach and practical solutions have made all the difference in optimising our processes and driving informed decision-making."

  • Getting the data Optum required: Optum knew the key data that determined business position and success, but couldn’t get it from available sources. Arkturus spent time understanding their business needs and common decision resistors, and designed reports to ensure Optum could act decisively.
  • Time Savings: BXR streamlined monthly reporting, saving Optum an estimated four days per month previously spent in Excel on manual data manipulation.
  • Decreased costs & maintained revenue:  Using the resource detail from BXR, Optum saw an opportunity to let go of staff, and since, have managed to maintain revenue, which has significantly improved their P&L.
  • Enhanced Visibility: With BXR, Optum gained visibility into critical insights such as technician productivity, travel time, workshop time, and profit margins, which empowered them to make data-driven decisions and optimise operational efficiency.
"Working with Arkturus has been a refreshing experience. Unlike other companies, they actively listened to our needs and tailored reports to perfectly fit our requirements. Their practical approach and commitment to understanding our business have made them invaluable partners."
Kevin Henderson, Managing Director