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Driving sales growth and operational efficiency with real-time insights. Results not even PowerBI could provide.


Facing challenges with outdated reporting methods, alongside a need for more leading performance indicators, Erect-A-Rack aimed to streamline their processes and empower their sales team with real-time insights.

Erect-A-Rack, a family-owned business in Victoria, Australia, has been dedicated to enhancing storage solutions for companies nationwide for over 75 years. With a commitment to excellence in products and service, they sought to elevate operational efficiency and sales performance through enhanced reporting capabilities. Previous attempts with reporting from Simpro, as well as trying external PowerBI consultants, fell short of their needs, leaving them working off a 30 page spreadsheet.

Looking to stay ahead of the curve, the Erect-A-Rack team needed a comprehensive yet easy to use reporting tool that gave them leading indicators three months out.


Business XRay (BXR) emerged as the ideal solution for Erect-A-Rack's reporting needs. Offering automated dashboards and reliable leading indicators without needing a data warehouse, Business XRay provided a user-friendly interface that required no technical background.

With customisable features and data integration capability into Simpro and other systems (e.g. Xero), Erect-A-Rack found a single solution that they could grow further into over time, without the need for costly external consultation.


With BXR, Erect-A-Rack experienced a transformation in their reporting capabilities, enabling them to make informed decisions, improve sales performance, and streamline operations for sustained growth and success.

  • Enhanced Sales Performance: BXR enabled Erect-A-Rack s sales team to self-manage their KPIs effectively, leading to improved sales strategies and customer scheduling. Real-time visibility into future sales and projects empowered proactive decision-making.
  • Streamlined Reporting: The adoption of BXR eliminated the cumbersome 30 tab spreadsheet, reducing manual editing efforts. Pre-built dashboards and customisable features provided tailored reports with fast turnaround times.
  • Single point of support and accountability: BXR served as a virtual data manager, fostering a culture of awareness and proactive action among staff.
  • Customisations you can do yourself: Self-customisation capabilities allowed for internal creation of leading indicator graphs, offering visually rich insights into performance metrics.
"Business XRay has truly revolutionised our approach to reporting. One of the best features is the ability to customise and create leading indicators ourselves. It s not just about the data anymore - it s about turning data into actionable insights through colourful visualisations and graphs. BXR s level of customisation has empowered our team to make smarter decisions and stay ahead of the competition."
Kurt Oldham, Managing Director