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Northern Hospitals

Arkturus helps optimise Radiology capacity region-wide, visualise and improve patient flow and experience


Growth in demand for diagnostic imaging, siloed capacity and limited resources drives a desire to optimise region-wide and improve patient access.

Increasing demand, combined with staff and equipment shortages cause delays for patient access to imaging and their planned care pathways. A regional patient-centric model to enable optimisation of radiology capacity region-wide, as well as enhance service efficiency and reduce wait-lists was needed, but current hospital systems and reporting offer limited visibility and insight of actual processes.


Arkturus’ process mining tool uses existing RIS systems data to map each touch point of the Radiology patient journey.

This creates a 100% accurate visualisation of the flow of patients, at mulitple levels (clinic, hospital, region) and perspectives (modalities, ethnicities, locations), enabling the identification of bottlenecks and rework, and the redesign of process and pathways to improve efficiency. The ability to view across the region enables a collaborative capacity planning approach, directing resource to greatest areas of need, thereby helping to maximise existing capacity and improve patient access.


Arkturus helps to improve system flow to reduce wait-lists and unblock planned care pathways, by providing the visibility needed to implement a collaborative model across the region and maximise utilisation of existing capacity

  • Provide visibility of the actual patient pathways across the region, identifying opportunities to redesign process and pathways to eliminate bottlenecks and reduce rework, thereby improving efficiency and patient experience
  • Enable capacity to be optimised by providing a regional view of both capacity and demand, enabling wait-lists and reporting times to be signifcantly reduced
  • Improve equity across ethnic groups by clearly identifying process variants that are causing inequity
"Arkturus gives us visibility of patient pathway across the region, identifying ways to redesign the process to improve efficiency and patient experience. It enables a shared regional view of demand and capacity, reducing delays and waitlists. Arkturus also helps us address inequities by showing us ethnicity variations clearly."
Phil Schulze, Project Director Transforming Diagnostic Imaging