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Bison Electrical

Customer onboarding over 10% faster

Bison Electrical pride themselves on quality over quantity. They were landing work thick and fast, with a Pending pipeline of work months in advance, and wanted to make sure they could deliver, to enable stable company growth alongside happy clients.


  • Work capacity was a frequent struggle, either having too much work and not enough resources, or not enough work with too much resource capacity
  • Not enough leading indicators to help navigate decision making for the future, e.g. gauge required resources today for 3 months time, including awareness of downtimes and overly busy times to come
  • Challenging finding experienced, quality technicians in today’s market
  • Significant difficulty managing staff + company KPI’s across multiple systems, without the need for spreadsheets and significant manual input


  • Looking for an automated tool that uses simPRO data, as well as Xero and Monday.com data
  • Particularly interested in leading indicators, not just lagging ones, to support decision making today, for the months to come
  • Wanting to make decisions based on data, rather than educated / experience-based assumptions


  • They’re now able to make decisions based on accurate data, that wasn’t possible before
  • They dropped several difficult clients, and doubled down on their good clients, based on key information that was previously unavailable
  • They can now grow organically and at a stable rate, rather than too quickly with a host of uncertainty
“Implementation was second to none – the team at Arkturus were insightful, helpful and understood exactly what we wanted to achieve. Not only that, but they brought expertise from previous implementations into our conversations, that helped significantly elevate our business, and change the trajectory we were on for the better. They are the only software company I’ve been involved with that, come Go-Live, provided us exactly what we were looking for. The tool is so powerful and I would highly recommend it to anyone that’s having challenges with limited reporting capabilities, wants leading indicators, and is driving a team based on performance outcomes.”
Wade Dingle - Managing Director