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M2 Electrical Customer Feedback

3x faster job turnaround time

Exceeded our expectations

“We were looking for a dashboarding solution that was intelligent and user-friendly, and Arkturus has exceeded our expectations. We have always been restricted by the limited reporting capabilities of our job management software which meant we could never truly design performance metrics that would have the most impact.”

Easy yet powerful

"Arkturus is easy to use, yet powerful enough to create custom dashboards that measure live data and are visible to our team. This allows us to make informed decisions about priorities and keep performance on track.”

Reduced job turnaround time

“In 12 months, the insights provided by Arkturus has seen our job turnaround time reduce from 14 days to 5 days. We now have access to data that was previously hidden to us, which has allowed us to design performance metrics that truly drive performance.ProViz has opened up our workflow like never before, allowing us to see the volume of jobs across different parts of our workflow and redirect resources to address bottlenecks.”

Respond to changing needs quickly

"The software also came with a comprehensive implementation phase which included training in how to create the dashboards ourselves. This knowledge has helped us respond to our changing needs quickly, without having to go back and forth with a software provider if we want to explore or measure something new."

Game changer – highly recommend

“Arkturus has been a game changer for us. It has helped us improve our efficiency, turnaround time, and decision-making capabilities. We would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a dashboarding solution that can help them improve their business performance."

Mia Graham, Owner and General Manager