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Accelerating Process Monitoring With Arkturus

Part 4 of 4. Learn how the ongoing monitoring and management of processes is easier and better with Arkturus Process Mining.

Process Mining is a new technology that transforms how business process improvement is done. It works from initial discovery, through to measurement, root cause analysis, and ongoing monitoring and management. 

This blog focuses on the ‘Monitoring’ stage. It discusses how process mining makes it easier to measure the benefit of a process change. It also gives you a much more comprehensive view of the overall performance of the process. 

Traditional Method of Measuring Process Improvements

After a process improvement has been implemented, it’s important to measure its impact. In particular to confirm whether or not the expected benefits have been achieved.

This usually requires sourcing additional data. As mentioned in previous blogs, sourcing this data is regularly delayed because data analysts are unavailable. Also, there’s often pressure (and a preference) to start work on the next initiative. As a result, it’s all too common for the benefit not to be measured.

That means that your organisation is missing out on the following:

  • Seeing whether you’re getting ‘payback’ on the time and money that has been invested in process improvement
  • Having an opportunity to act on learnings by identifying further process changes if the initiative didn’t deliver the expected benefit
  • Celebrating the team’s success, which motivates the team to continue finding and implementing further improvements.

Measuring the benefit of process changes and monitoring your process with Process Mining 

With Arkturus Process Mining you can monitor the impact of process changes with virtually no effort and in real time.

The Dashboard that you created during the Measure phase contain the baseline KPI charts. This automatically updates (overnight or in real time) as event data flows from your ERP system to Arkturus Process Mining platform. Or if these baseline reports had been deleted, they can be re-created in minutes.

Additional charts, such as WIP and Throughput, can be added to the dashboard. These provide a broader view of the business process, and identify any un-intended consequences of a process change.

Talking about un-intended consequences of a process change. This occurs more often than it should, and often it is months after the change before an issue is discovered. This is because you’re not looking for the issue, so you don’t see it. Which brings me to the real power of process mining, it identifies issues that you’re not looking for.

With Arkturus Process Mining you can also set up automatic alerts to inform you of unacceptable process deviations. This can be used to identify scenarios. Rework where a customer order goes back to a previous step. A customer order has been stuck at a step for too long or too many orders at a particular step.

Using these automatic alerts, you can be confident of managing any issues before they get out of control.


Arkturus process mining can alleviate most barriers hindering organisations from properly measuring the benefits achieved by process improvements. It also assists managers to monitor processes in real time. They can now understand precisely how well their organisation’s process improvement programme is being delivered.