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Arkturus Launches Process Mining Starter Packs

Process Mining Starter Packs are the fast, simple way to try process mining. Prove the benefits first, without risk and with minimal budget.

At Arkturus we have analysed what makes this first step so hard. As a result we’ve built a range of Process Mining Starter Packs. They remove the risk and make process mining a “no-brainer” for any business change project.

What makes getting started so hard?

Firstly the value proposition is in climbing the entire mountain.  It’s generally believed you need to complete the end-to-end improvement project across the business before any benefit is delivered. That includes identifying the improvements to be made, implementing them and measuring the difference.  A lot of time, budget and additional resource to be found.

Secondly, the way most improvement projects are structured, staging them delivers minimal value.  Processes you’ve updated feed into processes you’ve yet to update. In moving to the next stage of improvements you impact the first piece of work you’ve done.  If this has been captured in static maps; the entire piece of work must be revisited.  Instead of creating efficiency you’ve compounded the overhead.

Finally, the sheer scale of these projects makes them difficult to sign off.  There is considerable risk around the investment you need to make in people resource to support changes.  This can be more than the financial investment in the advisors, consultants and technology to implement them.  It is hard to determine when the “right time” to do this is.

As the demands of the everyday business inevitably take over, timelines, scope and budgets continue to expand.

Process Mining Starter Packs

Our solution is about making getting started on a business improvement project as easy and simple as we can.  When we looked at the process improvement work we do across a range of businesses, we identified six use cases. Any of which would be a valuable starting point for a process improvement project.

Each use case targets a single process. From mapping a customer journey, through to checking compliance or implementing Robotic Process Automation and more.  We then identified a very effective seven step project delivery process. It enables you to work with our data scientists and consultants to deliver results within a 90 day window. That includes measuring the impact to prove the ROI.

Because each starter pack uses Arkturus process mining you create a dynamic digital twin of the process. Instead of a static map you now have a dynamic one that changes as your business does.  Having proven the ROI of your business improvement project on this single instance – you can now build on this. Continuing to make dynamic change to the initial process you have mined.

Designed for ease of sign-off

Arkturus Starter Packs are designed so you can run a single project or choose multiple projects to test your theory.  They can also be adapted to other use cases. We are open to customising a starter kit if there isn’t one currently available to match your scenario.  You can easily extend your Arkturus licence to measure and maintain your project beyond the life of the starter pack.

Most importantly – they are priced for departmental sign off.  It means you can provide a proof-of-concept alongside the business change proposal.  Or get started on improving your area of the business without waiting for a larger project to be signed off. You act safe in the knowledge what you’re doing now will seamlessly feed into future work.

Each starter pack includes 100 hours of consultant time, including a data scientist and process improvement consultant.  It covers access to a full range of Arkturus tools and a whole lot more.  We are always happy to help you identify which starter pack is the best fit for you. Arkturus Process Mining Starter Packs are a great way for everyone to get started with Process Mining.

According to Mark Twain, “the secret to getting ahead is getting started”.  But when it comes to getting sign-off on a business improvement project, “getting started” can take on Everest like proportions.