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Customer onboarding over 10% faster from minimising rework.


Mercury had identified that creating a better onboarding experience for customers was an area where it could stand apart from its competitors.

However, there were a number of red flags being raised in the customer onboarding process - including a higher than acceptable percentage of cases involving rework and exceeding target delivery times. There was increasing evidence this was creating a level of customer dissatisfaction that needed urgent resolution.


Arkturus enabled Mercury to rapidly create an accurate ‘digital twin’ of its customer onboarding process.

From readily available event data in its ERP and multiple other systems. Mercury was able to use the tool to pinpoint exactly where bottlenecks were occurring across the onboarding pathway. Rework was identified as an issue for approximately 10% of onboarding customers. Using the Arkturus interactive analytical tools, the project team was able to work with Mercury to drill into these cases, discover the root causes for the rework, and monitor the impact of improvement initiatives as they were implemented.


Mercury was able to significantly improve its customer onboarding process, making it over 10% faster and a far more enjoyable experience for customers.

  • Rapidly created an accurate ‘digital twin’ of Mercury’s customer onboarding process
  • Pinpointed where bottlenecks occurred in the onboarding process
  • Used Arkturus interactive analytics to identify source of the rework
  • Significant (over 10% faster) improvement in onboarding process
  • Mercury created its own KPI reporting (without coding) to track ongoing impact
“Arkturus gave us clear visibility of our customer onboarding process that showed us what was actually happening. Using Arkturus, we discovered bottlenecks and rework we didn’t even know existed. As a result, we’re onboarding over 10% faster than we were. ”
Jody Garrett - Senior Manager Continuous Improvement