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Arkturus Business Research Profiled In CIO Magazine

Divina Parades of CIO interviews James Pan, our CEO, about starting Arkturus, Process Mining, the Enterprise Digital Twin, and…Star Trek!

It is never easy talking about yourself. But, when the opportunity arose to be interviewed and have someone identify what the world might find interesting – you don’t turn it down. Which is how Arkturus CEO, James Pan, recently found himself in the spotlight.

While the interview starts out discussing what happened after James left his last corporate role as CIO – it quickly moved to Arkturus, process improvement and digital twins.

You learn how Arkturus applies AI to the work it is doing and where James sees the future evolving into fully functional, Enterprise Digital Twins. (Spoiler alert: this comes complete with a Star Trek analogy).

Along the way there are insights into the importance of Process Mining as a technology that transforms the way businesses are working – right now. James also reveals how his experience with high volume, complex business processes enabled him to immediately identify what Process Mining has to offer.

The article also talks about the diversity of the Arkturus team and how we’ve been able to form a highly productive start-up culture. Plus you get some insight into what motivates us and a few things even we didn’t know about James.

Divina Paredes has produced a great introduction to Arkturus – who we are and what we do. If you’d like to know more – please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Read the full interview, posted in March 2020, here.