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RCR Infrastructure

$150K Cost reduction due to improved field service execution

3x Faster root cause analysis and resolution

6 Standardised Branches across New Zealand


Operational efficiency was impacted across branches, as execution of set-processes varied significantly, resulting in:

  • Data inconsistencies and inaccurate reports
  • Increased resource requirements to execute
  • Prevention of progress and delayed results
  • Lack of awareness of process gaps
  • Loss of revenue
  • Poor visibility in operations


Utilising Arkturus’ Business XRay to enable visibility across all processes and their variations in execution

With improved awareness and data evidence to drive efficiencies, managers across branches and departments knew where to focus, what changes to make, and which staff needed further support.


Branch managers benefit from continuous XRay visibility into their own branches, including defining KPIs and metrics without any extra work

  • Standardising business processes across multiple branches
  • Eliminating inefficiencies, exceptions and variations
  • KPI Bank and Early Warning Detection System Implemented
  • Achieving root cause anaylsis and resolution up to three times faster
"We were able to compare branches and were shown exactly how each of our branches are operating. We could easily tell where differences laid and knew exactly where to divert our attention and resources, saving us money and time. We now have a tool to monitor our progress – no other tool can do this for us."
Michael Pan - Operations Director