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Arkturus provides an XRay view into the sales process resulting in better forecasting and pipeline design


The post-covid construction boom lead to a huge growth in demand for their products, and a desire to improve their sales management.

Using their standard dashboards and reports from their CRM tool, and even trying different dashboard tools from third parties, left Envirocon feeling that while they had an instinctive idea of how things were going, they thought they could do better in terms of understanding their pipeline.


Using data from their website, CRM and accounting systems, Arkturus provided Envirocon with an X Ray view, a detailed visualisation of their sales process.

Starting from lead source, to opportunity, quote, order through to invoice and finally payment – a full, end to end picture.  Using the easy to use analytical features, they were able to truly understand their sales process for the first time, seeing where things weren’t happening as they should, and improving them.  

Arkturus also provided better KPIs and dashboards than was available from their CRM product alone.


Using the unique X Ray features, a key insight was how their different customer segments journeyed through the pipeline, thereby allowing them to forecast more accurately.

  • Adopted Arkturus as their Sales Management tool, and implementing into other business areas
  • More accurate forecasting for different customer segments
  • Ability to plan marketing at the right times to influence different customer segments
  • Improved sales pipeline to reflect their better understanding
  • Better understanding of pipeline leakages, and ways to prevent
“I’ve used lots of different CRMs over the years, and different dashboard tools, but nothing comes close to showing what Arkturus shows. None are as easy to use or go as deep as Arkturus - I don’t want a technical tool, but I want to be able to interrogate the data myself.”
Jack Bright - Sales Director