See the inner workings of your hospital, clinic or laboratory

Arkturus gives you a visual and interactive view of patients and work flowing through your hospitals, clinics and labs, so you can manage your demand and capacity better.

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Use Cases

Specific Use Cases

Arkturus gives you a detailed, accurate look  into your operations, a visual and interactive view, so you can see more, and make better decisions.

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Auckland District Health Board: $1m plus budget savings
Why Arkturus?

Better Decisions,
Better Patient Outcomes

Arkturus gives you a detailed, accurate look  into your operations, a visual and interactive view, so you can see more, and make better decisions.

Knowledge is

With Arkturus' unique visualisation, you will gain a true and detailed understanding of your operations, and how differences in patients, conditions, tests, locations, clinical staff, seasonality and even time of day, affect your workflow.

Manage your demand and capacity better

With this detailed view of your operations, you can easily see problem areas that affect your patient’s experience, and identify ways to improve your operations so that you better manage demand, and the capacity of your resources.

More efficiency, and reduced costs

With Arkturus you can easily see variations, bottlenecks, rework, and other forms of inefficiency as they actually happen. Implement changes, and make sure they result in improvements by easily measuring  impacts with Arkturus, rather than having to get more reports written.

Better decisions for your patients and staff

With Arkturus you get KPIs and Management Dashboards, so you can keep your finger on the pulse of your operations. But you also get the ability to see deeper inside your operations when you need to, resulting in better decisions for your patients, and your capacity planning.


Powerful, but easy to use

“I’ve seen nothing else like Arkturus”

Visual, interactive view

Imagine being able to see into your entire hospital, clinic or lab process, as it actually happens. No longer limited to KPIs and reports – but a completely visual, interactive view – what could you do with that?

Discover and analyse

Look, filter and focus, compare, drilldown – easily discover insights about your patients, conditions, tests, locations, doctors, nurses or pathologists. You can even get answers to questions you never even thought to ask!

Codeless KPIs and Dashboards

Create truly codeless KPIs and Alerts, with just a few clicks, quickly and easily using your process picture, and give them to anyone who needs them – instantly. No more waiting for reports to be written.

Connect multiple systems

Unlike other dashboard tools, Arkturus merges data from your different systems, so you can get a complete view of your operations.  Want to see your lab test requests through to invoice and even payment?  Want to see your entire hospital or clinic operations?

Case Studies

Great companies using Arkturus Healthcare

“Arkturus quickly produced an interactive model of our Lab testing processes that identified opportunities to save in excess of $1M per year by minimising unnecessary repeat tests. Cost savings like this are crucial in hospitals where savings can be reinvested in resources and development opportunities.


Identified $1 million plus
in budget savings
Dan Hunt
GM Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
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“Arkturus analysed our complex data sources and created a Single Patient View model extremely quickly. They helped us visualise who our patients are and how they access our services, and see insights that we found very valuable, enabling us to improve our services to deliver better care to our patients.”


patient visits per day
Samir Ranchhod
Chief Technology Officer

“With the capability to dive deeper into our laboratory work process with Arkturus, we were able to analyse and drill down into our daily operations and identify improvement opportunities. The ability to easily and quickly visualise the impact of the changes we made to our workflow has allowed us to work in an agile manner, and support our drive for continuous improvement.  The team at Arkturus produced fast results and adapted the dashboards to fit our needs. They provided in-depth insights and fresh perspective to our work processes and are a pleasure to work with.”


Amy Tam
Service Improvement and Project Management Lead

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