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Just like a high pulse only indicates something about your body, a KPI only provides an indication of how your business is operating.

You need an XRay to show you inside  your body so you can find the underlying problem.  XRay your business with Arkturus.

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Why Arkturus?

Go Beyond Dashboards for better management of your business

Arkturus gives you an XRay into your business, a visual and interactive view of your operations, so you can see more, and make better decisions.

Knowledge is power

With Business XRay, you will gain a true and detailed understanding of your operations, and how differences in customers, products, branches, employees, seasons and even time of day, affect your business.

Serve your customers better

With this detailed view of your business, you can easily see problem areas that affect your customer’s experience, and identify ways to improve your operations so that you provide better customer service.

Make your operations more efficient, and reduce costs

With Business XRay you can easily see variations, bottlenecks, rework, and other forms of inefficiency as they actually happen.  Implement changes, and make sure they result in improvements by easily measuring their impacts.

Better decisions

With Arkturus you get KPIs and Management Dashboards, so you can keep your finger on the pulse of your business.  But you also get Business XRay, to see deeper inside your operations when you need to, resulting in better decisions for your customers, and your business.


Powerful, but easy to use

“Nothing comes close to the ease of use of Arkturus”

XRay, interactive view

Imagine having an XRay of your business operations, an inside picture as it actually happens. No longer limited to KPIs and reports – but a completely visual, interactive view – what could you do with that?

Discover and analyse

Look, filter and focus, compare, drilldown – easily discover insights about your customers, products, branches, employees. You can even get answers to questions you never even thought to ask!

Codeless KPIs and Dashboards

Create truly codeless KPIs and Alerts, with just a few clicks, quickly and easily using your process picture, and give them to anyone who needs them – instantly. No more waiting for reports to be written.

Connect multiple systems

Unlike other dashboard tools, Arkturus merges data from your different systems, so you can get a complete view of your operations. Want to see your sales leads through to invoice and even payment? Want to see your order fulfilment through to delivery?

Case Studies

Great companies using Arkturus Business XRay

“Arkturus shows us exactly how each of our branches are operating, and how far away they are from our model processes. It will give our branches real and effective tools to measure and monitor their progress. We estimate achieving our standardisation goals two or three times faster – no other tool can do this for us.”


Faster standardisation and optimisation for branch managers
James Wells
CIO & Innovation Director
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“I’ve used lots of different CRMs over the years, and different dashboard tools, but nothing comes close to showing what Arkturus shows.  None are as easy to use or go as deep as Arkturus - I don’t want a technical tool, but I want to be able to interrogate the data myself.”


more accurate forecasting
Jack Bright
Sales Director
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